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One more thing on vaccines and then I will (probably not) stop talking about this:

31 Dec

Curley is currently in the clutches of Cold Quimby, which is hopefully the last cold of the year, and on Wednesday, we can start all over again with the A’s.  He never really finished with Cold Pernice, and then he came down with conjunctivitis.  The doctor prescribed eye drops and antibiotics to help clear out Pernice.  We called the doctor on Saturday when Curley’s eye seriously swelled up and they told us to call back if he developed a fever.  This morning, Curley woke up with a fever and the miserables, so the Bishop took him to the pediatrician who let us know that the antibiotics were doing fine with the Pernice/Pink Eye combo, but in fact, Curley’s fever was the hallmark of Quimby coming in and I. Am. So. Done.  So done.

If there were a vaccine against Conjunctivitis, I would give it.  I would also like a vaccine against gastroenteritis, and every single last stinking form of the common cold.  I would also like a vaccine against bad schools, gun violence, war, peanut allergies, and bad moods.

Maybe I’m not the world’s most realistic mom, but I know what I want.  I hate for my kids to be sick.  I hate for them to feel lousy and for their beautiful eyes to swell up like red grapes and for them to be sad.  I know that I can’t protect my kids from everything, but you see, I want to.  I really really want to.

But since I can’t protect them from everything, I’m still going to protect them from the things that I can.  Maybe it won’t work.  My kids may think I’m all-powerful, and that a single kiss from me can innoculate from all manner of hurties, and you and I know there just isn’t much that i can do in this world.  But I’m going to do what I can.  

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