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Santa Claus is coming to town…

24 Nov

In case you hadn’t heard, in case this is news to you, the holidays are coming and Santa Claus is coming too. But not to my house.

This wasn’t really an issue for Flower. Oh, she knows about Santa Claus, but the whole “Guy in red comes down your chimney,” was something she could take our leave. She likes the music, and the lights, and Flower’s birthday, which is December 8th and is the biggest holiday of all. She also really loves Haunkkah..

But Curley. Curley wants to know about Santa Claus. And everyone will be talking about Santa Claus, and so on. His friends at school. And strangers will walk up to him and say, “What is Santa going to bring for you?” They’ll do this because they want to see Curley smile. People did this to Flower. But the most anyone would get out of Flower would be her saying, “Santa!” and bursting into a rousing chorus of “Santa Claus is Coming To Town,” complete with a special dance and her own lyrics. And I would say, “She’s Jewish. We don’t celebrate Christmas,” and smile to show that I wasn’t offended by someone being kind to my child.

But Curley is curious about this Santa thing. He asked me about it. “What’s that?” he said, pointing to a picture of Santa Claus he found on an old gift bag that was lying on the floor. (What? Isn’t that where everyone stores their old gift bags?) Curley wanted to know all about Santa Claus. Who he is. What he does. What he could do, if given a chance, for Curley. Like bring Curley some toys. Curley likes toys. Or maybe bring Curley a doggie. Curley would really like a doggie.

“Santa Claus comes to the houses of all the non-Jewish children,” I said. “He comes down the chimney.”

Curley doesn’t know about chimneys. He looked unsure.

“He comes down the chimneys of non-Jewish children and he eats all their cookies,” I said. “But you, Curley, are a Jewish child, and you are lucky. You get to keep your cookies.”

“I wanna cookie,” Curley said.

“Yes, that sounds good,” I said. “Let’s go get a cookie.”


This is autism.

19 Nov

It’s some sort of national or international or interplanetary Blog About Autism day, and this is in response to Autism Speaks, who pissed off a lot of people, some of whom have autism, and some who don’t, because the founder posted an article. I’m too lazy to link it, but the gist was, “People With Autism are Not Actually People, Parents of People with Autism are Actually Dead and Nobody Has Bothered to Tell Them.”

Sometimes, when Flower wants something, even if it is something very, very small, she will scream and yell and howl as though she is in the Worst Imaginable Pain. She’ll be screaming and howling and I’ll say, “Flower, what is it? What’s the matter?”

“I want Dora,” she’ll say. “I want Super Babies.”

The howling, see, the howling like she was in the Worst Imaginable Pain, that was to draw my attention to her plight that she wished that her iPad was playing Dora, and it wasn’t. Without the howling, I might not have paid attention.

I think that is what Autism Speaks is doing with this post that got so many people mad. They are howling as though we autism parents are in the Worst Imaginable Pain in order to get some attention.

I hope it works. We could use some attention. Easier access to services? Sign us up! Insurance has to pay for stuff? Heck, yeah! Spend more money on education, early intervention and services? Sure! Free cookies for my friends? I’m all for that.

Meanwhile, can I just brag about Flower? Flower is almost 7, and she is just now starting to eat solid food. You hear me? SHE IS STARTING TO EAT SOLID FOOD!! We’ve been working on it for a long time with this amazing feeding therapist in another state, and Flower has been eating solids willingly enough for rewards, but she has finally started to choose solid foods over pureed foods. Yesterday, she ate her first meal ever that was made up entirely of solid foods. She had canned vegetables and pancakes. I was all ferklempt. I was a wreck. It was amazing.

When Flower was first getting diagnosed, her wise teacher said, “You will celebrate all the small achievements.” That is certainly true. Flower works so hard, and she does amazing things. A year or two ago, Flower’s feeding therapist told us that she might “never” eat solid foods. (I used this pronouncement as an excuse to console myself by buying a Vitamix. ‘Cause, you know, we were going to need to puree stuff! Lots of stuff! Then we started seeing this other out of state therapist and Flower started eating solids and now I’m stuck with this Vitamix, STUCK, and forced, FORCED, I tell you, to make smoothies and pretend ice cream out of frozen bananas.)

Of course, nobody is allowed to use the word “never” where Flower is concerned, because Flower is a surpriser, and she likes to surprise us all by doing stuff when we least expect it. And then we celebrate and we put on “Freeze Dance” from Fresh Beat Band and we all dance around the house laughing – Curley too – And I feel full of joy. So yeah. Scream and yell and howl all you want, Autism Speaks. We know we’re happy and weird here, and we have nothing to prove.

NaBloPoGloFloSnow Thingy

2 Nov

I signed up to do the daily blog post because I usually fail at the Wordcount Cult plus:  Thanksgiving.  I always thought November was a sucky time to have to do that.  

So now I will bore you with my daily minutae.  

Plus, it is totally not November 2nd. It is still November 1st for another 1/2 hour.

However, I am now inventing a rule where if I miss a day, I can just write two posts the next day.

And now I am inventing an even BETTER rule where if I miss a day, so what?

I like my second rule a lot.

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