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The R-Word, in all it’s incarnations

8 Apr

I’ve noticed a trend, in blogs, in speech, where authors or speakers kindly don’t use the “r-word,” because they know it’s not PC, and instead replace it with the more PC term, “Intellectually disabled,” or a similar term.

And yet, they are using it in the SAME WAY. To refer to someone who is NOT intellectually disabled, but IS behaving in a manner that is disagreeable, stupid, illogical, or irrational. There is a world of difference.

Look, thanks but no thanks. You are missing the point. The point is not the r-word itself, the point is the stigma of the r-word. The point is that you use a word to insult someone who behaves in a manner that is disagreeable, stupid, irrational or illogical, and then you use the SAME word to describe someone with an actual intellectual disability, someone who is NOT disagreeable, stupid, irrational or illogical.

Not only should you not use the r-word, (please don’t) you should not use ANY language that describes a person with a disability to describe a person who does NOT have that disability. It is disrespectful, it hurts, and in my mind, it is no better than just using the r-word. Just say what you mean – there are lots of other words – or even better – just be nice. Thank you.

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