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Dear Senator Toomey

25 Jan

Dear Senator Toomey:

Thank you for your response to my letter. I am writing to you again regarding my grave concerns about Betsy DeVos. Ms. DeVos does not have the background, knowledge or qualifications to be Secretary of Education.

In addition to ethical concerns, I am particularly concerned about her lack of knowledge about IDEA legislation. As a parent of a child with special needs, who receives special education services in the excellent public schools of Garnet Valley School District, I am anxious to see the schools continue to have the ability to offer my child, and children like her, a free and appropriate public education. My child benefits from being in a mainstream classroom, and the other children learn compassion, patience and leadership from having her there. It is vital to her growth that our public schools continue to be the best and safest place to educate all of our children. People with special needs need to be able to function in our larger society, and part of that means learning from her neurotypical peers.

My concern is that Ms. DeVos would attempt to privatize our public education system, leaving children like mine with only the option of private or charter schools, and no matter how good these schools are, they can not replace the life skills she learns by receiving her Free and Appropriate Public Education in a mainstream setting. I am also concerned that Ms. DeVos seems to know so little about the federal laws that govern our education system. As someone who hopes to lead our teachers, she really needed to have done her homework – any teacher could tell you that much!

Please reconsider your support of Ms. DeVos for Secretary of Education.

Constituent, concerned parent
Aston, PA

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