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I have the best excuse

12 Jun

My blog is looking like one of those sad blogs that never get updated, and when I see those, I wonder what happened to the person who wrote it. Did they lose interest? Did they meet a bad end? Were they eaten by a pack of passing jackals?

I was not eaten by a pack of passing jackals, but even so I have an excuse.

Flower is such a good helpful girl, and one day while we were meeting with the advocate about the IEP, Flower decided to water the flowers. So she took a cup of water and she filled it up at the sink and she carefully, carefully carried it outside and ceremoniously dumped it into the pachysandra. Then she went back inside and got several more cups of water and also watered a large hostile hosta and some poison ivy.

Then she decided to do some watering inside the house so she helpfully watered the Bishop’s laptop.

It could not be revived.

Eventually, my parents took pity on our plight and they offered me my dad’s old laptop. It’s slow, it’s heavy, it doesn’t have a battery, but the price was right and, well, here I am. Wallowing in first-world problems once again.

We’re all still here, my kids are still vaccinated (and cute!) and Flower ate a homemade waffle today. Could be worse.

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