I Wanna Be Sedated

21 Sep

Hi, I’m sleep deprived. You don’t have to fix it. You probably can’t fix it. I mean, you can try to fix it, but you probably can’t. What am I saying? I’m sleep deprived!

Our sweet Flower has decided that sleeping through the night is just not her thing. She decided this a few months ago. I can’t remember exactly when it was… she had been sleeping through the night for a while and then she stopped and now she doesn’t do it. She goes to bed just fine at bedtime. Falls into a deep sleep. You could stick her right in the middle of one of those Ramones shows I used to go to in the 1980’s, I loved the Ramones, and those were some loud shows. She’d sleep through it.

But then, and why? We don’t know. But then… 7/8 days a week, she gets up in the middle of the night and comes into my room. Sometimes she wants something. Most of the time she wants to be put back to bed. By me. Then she falls into a light sleep. Me just thinking about those Ramones shows will wake her up. If I don’t creep out of the room silently enough, she wakes up and I have to start all over again.

We tried melatonin. It does nothing for Flower.

We’ve seen some specialists. According to them, it’s my fault. (Really? Name something that isn’t.)

They’re full of solutions. They’re full of the kinds of solutions you can find by googling “Supernanny” and “Sleep.”

We’re taking her for a sleep study this week. But I’m not overly hopeful they’ll find anything that they want to treat.

But poor Flower. She must be so tired. She must be as tired as I am


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