It looks like Simon Le Bon stopped by and licked my floors clean!

12 Apr

And the bathroom is clean! And the kitchen! It’s a MIRACLE.

Well, OK, it wasn’t Simon Le Bon, it was a cleaning service, and hopefully they used a mop rather than their tongues, and I did pay them whereas I doubt I could get Simon Le Bon to mop my floor naked no matter WHAT I paid him, AND, furthermore, if I *HAD* a the undivided attention of Simon Le Bon, I highly doubt I would ask him to clean my floor.

No, I wrote a check to a maid service and they came and did it but it feels as rare and miraculous as a celebrity sighting. I hired the service for two hours and I asked them to do the floors and the bathroom and the kitchen and they DID. I know all I have to do now is maintain it. And I’ve maintained it! For a WHOLE DAY so far!

And it you’re not impressed, you should be, because in order to maintain it I actually had to do a thing yesterday. Yes! It’s true! Baby peanut dumped his dinner on the floor and I cleaned it up. And today when I got home from work I walked around the house and picked up all the dirty laundry from the floor and put it in the laundry pile!

The bad news is, I’m kind of afraid to touch anything lest I mess it up and have to clean it.

Also I still have to finish and file my taxes.

But still! Clean Floor! It was right here! In *MY* house! I wonder if I can get my floor to sign an autograph.


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