Dante’s Inferno

19 Mar

I was feeling so smug because I was thinking that we must be doing something right, since Chaos seemed like she was more organized. Not dramatically so, but, you know, we turned off the TV, limited electronics, and it seemed to help.

Turns out what REALLY helped is that Chaos did not have a cold, or tooth pain, or an ear infection.

I know this because she has a cold now, and WOW. I know I spend most of my time on this blog either a) expressing my gratitude that Chaos does not have a cold while simultaneously expressing my angst about the fact that every day without a cold just brings us one day closer to the next cold, or b) complaining that Chaos has a cold and it’s so awful.

It is, though. When Baby Peanut brought home Cold Dante, it was nothing. It was so minor that the Bishop was not even AWARE that Baby had Cold Dante until I said, “I think I’m catching Baby’s cold.” (And it was unavoidable for me, because the baby LITERALLY spit in my face. I mean, he was kidding, we were blowing raspberries at each other, but still, tiny germ-ridden droplets of saliva, scattered all over my face. Yeah.)

Then, in the middle of the night, Chaos woke up howling, and since she usually doesn’t howl in the middle of the night I had a bad feeling about it and sure enough she woke up with Cold Dante and was really grumpy and even though Dante is, essentially, a sniffle, Chaos found it so upsetting that she went all Robespierre on the school and they sent her home.

She was OK for me all afternoon, even with the snot on her face, but bedtime turned into an hour-long howl fest where Chaos was incredibly upset because she wanted to eat before bed but she also refused to eat. Refused. The Bishop and I had to physically HOLD HER DOWN while I sang softly to her and the Bishop fed her like a baby because she was so disorganized she could not manage to access the ability to feed herself. We went into her bedroom to play some organizing games and she let me change her into PJ bottoms but the idea of changing from her school polo shirt into a t-shirt with a kitten caused another howl attack, and finally we just let her sleep in her polo shirt. All of this took forever and the Bishop went to bed because of Dante and I need to do the dishes and go to bed because Chaos will probably be up howling in the middle of the night because of snot on her face.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate it when Chaos gets sick? Poor Chaos. Poor me.


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