Anxiety you suck

13 Feb




I made this cartoon.  And you can mock me for it being derivative of Hyperbole and a Half because it totally is.  She’s a genius.

I am not a genius and so I will splain my cartoon as you’re probably right now going, “Huh?”

In the first frame, “Anxiety” is a scary monster coming to eat me.  Original, no?

In the next frame, I shoot down Anxiety with my logic gun.  Anxiety hates logic, and it goes away.  That’s me.  That looks like me, right?

In the last frame, Anxiety tells me that I will get tired, or run out of logic bullets, and it can wait to eat me until I do.  

I get super anxious, and then I apply logic to my anxiety, which helps, but it’s exhausting.  I’m exhausted.  And still anxious, what do you know?


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