Cornelius or no Cornelius?

15 Jan

I got all OMG ONOES that Chaos would get the influenza.  I have a horror of Chaos getting sick and that’s the truth.  The idea fills me with anxiety.  There is just this part of me that is stuck forever in the room with Chaos during her months on the ventilator when she was a baby.

I maybe want to talk to my therapist about that.

Plus, the way things have been going lately, it kind of seems par for the course!  The flu, that is, and not the ventilator.  She had the shot, but not a long time ago when it would be hopefully doing a bit of good but last Saturday when I gave into the influenza panic that was gripping me and dragged Chaos to an unsuspecting Urgent Care joint that had the bad sense to admit that they had a few pediatric shots remaining in their arsenal when I showed up at their door, crazy in my eyes. They did not know what to make of Chaos Peanut. I did explain that she has teh Autism which is usually a golden ticket to allow her to act as herself as she wants to in anyone’s chocolate factory, but this nurse seemed truly flummoxed. “She can’t have Band-Aids,” I said. “She doesn’t like Band Aids.” “They all like Band-Aids,” the nurse assured me. “No they don’t,” I said. “She doesn’t. Don’t give her one.” And Chaos had to kind of be held down (she was kind of being held down and kind of involved with watching a video of her friends Cady and Vaughn singing “Happy Birthday” to Baby on the Bishop’s iPhone, and this is so totally NORMAL for us that I didn’t think anything of it, I mean, isn’t it like that for EVERYONE??? But the nurse looked totally traumatized and afterwards I kind of wanted to offer HER a Dora sticker and a lollypop.

And we’ve had another round of lice treatments.  Plus a sleepless night last night, when Chaos woke up at 2:30 howling.  Why?  The only one who knows is Chaos and she’s not saying.  “I want…” we prompted.

“…howl HOWL sob sob sob HOWL HOWL I want HOWL HOWL sob HOWL HOWL!”

Eventually we got her up and got her to take some Advil and drink some generic Pediasure (her beverage of choice) and she fell asleep for a few hours at around 4 and this morning she was dancing around the kitchen looking all repaired.

So we took her to feeding therapy with the OT re-eval to follow and somewhere between dancing around the kitchen and the hospital, which is less than a mile away, Chaos lost her joie de vivre and went back to howling.  

“…howl HOWL sob sob sob HOWL HOWL I want HOWL HOWL sob HOWL HOWL!!!”

So we talked to the feeding therapist and rescheduled the eval and brought Chaos home for a sick day.  Upon re-entering the house, Chaos collapsed onto the couch with a 

“…howl HOWL sob sob sob HOWL HOWL I want HOWL HOWL sob HOWL HOWL!”

and then fell asleep.  She had a low-grade fever, but no other symptoms of note, other than coughing and a slight runny nose, which are, I feel, the continued after-effects of the last cold Blowreen and not new symptoms.  Chaos napped on and off, waking up to howl more and demand TV.  I bribed her with TV to take more medicine and she slept for a bit and now she’s dancing around the house again.  With no pants on, of course.

Medicine wears off at about 5:00, so we’ll see if howling starts up again.  I don’t know what to think.  Six year molars coming in and causing undue distress?  Headache virus that I’ve heard is making its rounds?  Maybe an ear infection?  Should I name it Cornelius or not?


2 Responses to “Cornelius or no Cornelius?”

  1. semibold January 15, 2013 at 8:36 pm #

    Maybe there need to be some intermediary stages, like hurricanes — first they are tropical depressions, then tropical storms, before they become full-fledged hurricanes. Or you could develop a Stage system. Cornelius Stage 1, and hopefully it never goes past that.

    • ladymishegas January 15, 2013 at 9:11 pm #

      I love it! I’m not even sure if Cornelius is anything or if this is just her personality.

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