Drama: Do not want.

21 Dec

I am losing my mind with this OT nonsense.  Here it is supposed to be the holidays, but I don’t get a holiday from fighting with the OT about my daughter.  Today she hung up on me.  Nice, right?  She hung up on me because I didn’t want to meet with her and her supervisor until we’d had a chance to discuss the whole thing with Lily’s pediatrician.  

What’s the rush, right?

The rush is that the OT is going on maternity leave and they don’t have anyone to cover her cases, so naturally the best thing to do is to declare that Chaos Peanut has met their goals and discharge her, never mind that the child wakes up screaming in the middle of the night because she has a cold and there is snot on her face.

And when we raised some of these concerns and suggested that Chaos should have new goals, they told us that all of Chaos’ issues are now behavioral and none of them are sensory.  It’s magic, boys and girls!  It’s a Christmas miracle!  Chaos is cured of sensory issues! ABA is the answer now, all we need to do is REWARD Chaos for NOT screaming because of the snot on her face and she won’t do it anymore.  Turns out we weren’t setting up enough of a behavior plan that would teach Chaos not to have sensory issues!

And yet she has simultaneously developed all these behavioral issues around the fact that she has sensory issues that aren’t being addressed because the OT has decided to discharge her for the convenience of their schedules.

I mean, discharge her.  Go ahead and do it if that’s what you’re doing!  But we don’t have to say, “OK that’s fine, that sounds good” if it is NOT fine and it sounds BAD.  I mean, you can discharge her.  We can’t force you to treat her.  But you can’t force US to agree with your bad plan either.  

So today they magically decided that we had agreed to a meeting on Monday that we never agreed to, and when the Bishop said, “Uh, we never agreed to a meeting,” the OT called me to tell me that we “had to” meet because  her supervisor was coming in special.  I said, “Well, tell her not to!”  This went on like this for a while and then she hung up on me.  

Then I got mad so I do what I do when I got mad which is I started to cry and that’s pretty much where I left it.  

I do not want drama.  I just want to sit in my filthy home and have peace.  Is that too much to ask?

OK, I need to go put away the groceries before I go and get the kids from daycare.  If any of you figures out the source of that odd smell, could you let me know?  Thank you, and Merry Christmas.


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