A plague on my house!

20 Dec

The world is supposed to end on Friday and of course we are rational and we don’t believe that, right?  Right?

But isn’t there part of you, just the tiniest part, a part that you’re not so proud of, that will just feel a little better on Saturday, when Friday has come and gone and the world hasn’t ended?

Oh, sure, I get that the world is ending all around us, but I’m hoping to avoid an immediate cataclysm.  You know me… I’m hoping to avoid DRAMA.  At least, big drama.  At least, big drama on FRIDAY.

We’ve had enough cataclysm around here, that’s for sure, and for the record, my house is a mess.  Plagues!  First, Chaos Peanut had dental surgery.  She needed a lot of dental work.  It turns out, eating solids hardens the enamel on your teeth, so when you devote your life to eating bisque, well, you’d be better off eating peanut brittle.  At least as far as your teeth are concerned.  Speaking of brittle, that’s what Chaos Peanut’s teeth are.

So she needed to have a bunch pulled, some fillings, some crowns, even some baby root canals.  The whole thing was done in the O.R. under general anesthesia and it was just…. yeah.

When Chaos came home that day she was sad and mad and upset and tired.  And then right when she started to adjust, she got a sniffle, and you know how she does with those.  And once that went away, she promptly got lice (lice!  A plague!) and those may or may not be gone but now she’s got a cold again.  Poor Chaos.  Poor sad Chaos.  She was so sad last night and she woke up at 4:30 this morning and she fell back to sleep finally at 6:50 and when she woke up again at 7:30 this morning she was sad, sad sad and she was howling and lying on the couch and looking so unhappy that we kept her home from school and forced her to have some Motrin, which she usually takes with mild coersion and bribes but this time we had to hold her down.  I hate that.

After a few hours, she was more herself (the Bishop reports, I was at work.) and he shipped her off to her much loved after-school program at about 3:00 so he could finish his work.  She was happier when I picked her up and had a calmer and happier evening so we felt justified in keeping her home because whatever is going on with her, and really whatever ISN’T going on with her?  Maybe she just needed a DAY OFF.  So, she had one.

Tonight I put her to bed and I rested my head on her bed while I croaked out a lullaby (I have a cold too, natch) and I watched Chaos sleeping so peacefully and I said the same wordless prayer I say every night to the cold and probably empty heavens, and if I were to put words to it, it would probably go something like… “Please G-d, help me learn to make her happy.”


5 Responses to “A plague on my house!”

  1. Jackie Wolk (@jacqwolk) December 20, 2012 at 3:20 am #

    Okay. Can I just say that your posts of the past two days have been among the best of all the mom- blogs on the whole wide Internets? (Well, among the ones I’ve read, anyway.) I feel terrible about the plagues and dental work and other godzawful whatnot being visited upon your house. I wish that they weren’t – probably not half as much as you, but still. Your posts about them are hilarious and heartbreaking, and are so appreciated by me.

  2. Jackie Wolk (@jacqwolk) April 29, 2013 at 10:59 pm #

    Oh wait, I forgot this one …


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