Exciting development in the land of Baby Peanut

23 Apr

Baby Peanut will be six months old soon, and to celebrate, the Bishop and I put together his crib and put it in his own room.  Baby Peanut was so best pleased with having a Room of One’s Own that he promptly wrote a novel went to sleep in his crib and has been sleeping there.  We also did “sleep training” with Baby Peanut, only since he is such a pleasant and agreeable little fellow, it really hasn’t been much of an issue.  We just put him down, he fusses for about a second, and then starts snoring.

Baby Peanut is an Agreeable Fellow

Baby Peanut has also started napping in his crib.  I know.  I know!  So now I should have some time to get things done, right???  Baby Peanut has been napping since 11:45 or so.  What have I gotten done?  I ate lunch.  And then I… yeah, that’s it.  I gathered some pants and underpants to drop off at Chaos Peanut’s school because she has taken it upon herself to pee and poop in the ones she was wearing, in all the extras that I sent to school, and then in several extras that the teacher keeps around.  So as soon as Baby Peanut wakes up, I told Chaos’ teacher we’d run some clean laundry over to the school.

See, the problem is, if I start a thing, Baby Peanut is SURE to wake up, and I’ll have to stop the thing I started.  Therefore, why bother starting any housework tasks at all?

Instead I have worked on my Car Spreadsheet.  We have to buy a new car because my much-loved and much-adored 1995 Saturn (yes, you read that right, it’s a 1995 car!) has really crossed the threshold from “junker” to “not worth fixing.”  But it lasted almost 17 years!  So now I have a spreadsheet where I put in the cars I’m looking at, the gas mileage, the sticker price, the quoted price, and whatever other details I feel like putting in there.  And Pinterest, of course!  And updating my blog!  I look forward to many future equally productive nap times.


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